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What’s the Cost of Waiting to Buy?

With interest rates lower than they’ve been in over 40 years, it may be difficult to think of a “window of opportunity” closing.  However, it isn’t difficult to understand that it may very probably … [Read More...]

Tax Deductions–Standard or Itemized??

IRS allows taxpayers the option to take the standard deduction or the itemized deduction.  The astute taxpayer will compare to see which one will result in the greatest deduction and the election can … [Read More...]


Prepaid interest -”Points” and Their Tax Deductibility

Prepaid interest, sometimes called “points”, is generally tax deductible when a person pays them in connection with buying, building or improving their principal residence.  When points are paid on a … [Read More...]

Dodd-Frank Qualified Mortgage Rules In Effect!

The Qualified Mortgage Rule came into effect on January 14, 2014 as one of the results to the Dodd Frank Reform Act to protect consumers from predatory lending practices.  This will affect the … [Read More...]

Find Living Space By Cleaning Out!

The more things you have, the more you have to take care of.  And in this case, the more that you have to store that gets in the way of finding the things that you actually use.  Periodically, you … [Read More...]

Are Buyers Doubly Challenged This Year?

A ½% increase in interest rate may not sound like much but it is roughly equivalent to a 5% increase in price.  It becomes obvious when you compare the payments. If you financed 100% of the cost of … [Read More...]

To Buy Or To Rent–That is the Question!

Whether you continue to rent or decide to buy a home, according to recent Zillow 2014 housing projections, the cost is going up.  Zillow projects home prices to increase nationally by 3%, mortgages to … [Read More...]


My Monthly Newsletter Has Some Interesting Articles!

Click Here to read some interesting articles in this month's newsletter. I have added January statistics for our Mid-Ohio Valley MLS. Blanche Evans has two articles: one about which home … [Read More...]

Rental Real Estate Can Benefit Investors 4 Different Ways!

A certificate of deposit will generate a cash flow based on the interest rate that it pays which is the only way it generates a return for the investor. An investment in a stock that doesn’t pay … [Read More...]

Is It Time To Review & Trim Expenses?

You’ll need to earn $2.00 for every $1.00 you want to spend assuming you pay 50% of your earnings on income tax, social security and Medicare.  On the other hand, you get to keep 100% of every dollar … [Read More...]


Homeowner Tax Deductions For 2013

Taxes are a timely subject for January as we face that awesome tax of gathering receipts, organizing data, and resolving to do better next year. This article by Donna DeZube from Houselogic brings … [Read More...]


Have You Heard Of Pixabay?

I discovered Pixabay this year while looking for pictures for my blog that were FREE! You can go to and join. You can contribute your own pictures and have the use of others.  I … [Read More...]


MOVING Tips You Can Use!

“I’d wish I’d know that before I made a decision.” If you’ve ever regrettably said this to yourself, having a checklist might have prevented the issue in the first place. This list of questions can … [Read More...]

The Cost of Waiting To Buy!

The two most frequently quoted constants in life are death and taxes. Two more things would-be homeowners can expect in the near future are increases in mortgage rates and housing prices. Interest … [Read More...]

Stories and Statistics for 2013 are updated in My Monthly Magazine

My news articles for Realty Times this month contains several items of interest including: End of year MLS Statistics 9 Ways to Go Green New Loan Requirements Effective Staging to prepare … [Read More...]

There are Three Kinds of Showings Sellers Should Know About!

One of the most frequent calls from homeowners to their agents is about the listing’s inactivity due to the lack of showings.  The homeowner commonly believes that the home is shown only when a buyer … [Read More...]

Can we Predict Our Real Estate Market in 2014?

  What will the Mid- Real Residential Estate Market Be Like in 2014? Buyers who have been looking for a home for awhile have asked what can we expect the market to be like in 2014? They are … [Read More...]

Winter Maintenance

With a 2,000+ mile long winter storm affecting much of the country, there are plenty of home owners who wish they were better prepared. Even when you live in warm climates, some of these things are … [Read More...]

Motivated Sellers, Better Prices and Less Competition

The Winter Home Buyer Report conducted in the second week of November by® revealed the sentiments of current home buyers expecting to buy a house during the winter months. It appears … [Read More...]

Can Shopping During the Holiday Season Be A Benefit?

The author of this Realty Times article indicates reasons why shopping for a home  during the holiday season can be a benefit. Check out these reasons on my Realty Times Newsletter Page. You … [Read More...]